House of Grace Orphanage – Myanmar

We are always in desperate need of Funds to continue doing work with our orphans and young women.

We have a solution that enable us to create our own financial income, so we do not have to depend on charity to survive.

Please Help

Who We Are:

Church is Grace International Church (Assemblies of God).

House of Grace is the orphanage.

We are faith based ministry and now what we depend on is the income that are as love gift form. We don’t or never have enough income of support that’s why we are looking to do something to secure food, clothing and school fees.Our church helps little by little but we have no enough offering money to cover the cost of the orphanage Love gift from different people helps in sustaining our daily needs.

Our Story(From Brother Mang)

We have started the orphanage in 2007 by the small group of orphans from the Province. As we go in 2008 there was strong cyclone Nargis from 2-3 May 2008. At the point there were so many people without homes and shelters so many children ran to Monastery but few of them came to Christian Churches. We have 8 people came to us on that time and by the end of 2008 we have 22 orphan children.

We have been moving apartment to apartment because we couldn’t buy the building for 7 years and in 2014 we could buy the property outside of the city and now we are living in our own property although far away from the city.

Now we have 27 boys and 26 girls who goes to school. There are 18 young men and women who are doing something for their lives, some are building homes, some are sewing and some are without job. Although people have their jobs the income is too small and most of them cannot live on it. At the same time we have no any connection with any organization to help or support our needs fully. We have friends and brothers who give gifts and contribute food and clothing. But these helps are irregular. We need to find some support from other sources to secure our food and health as well as education.

We accept any form of donation, contribution and helps or support because we are still struggling for our daily food, clothing and school education.

We have 7 volunteer helpers who don’t have any salary but they have accommodation and food for free.

Thank you so much Brother Mark.


09767 133238


Face Book: Nung Khan Mang

Our Current Needs Are:

  • Food for one month for 70 people cost about 1400 US$.

  • Need for Education Fund for 60 People cost about 1300 US$(Including 5 Uni students).

  • Need for Health and Clothing, Etc. 300 Per month.

  • To run smoothly the orphanage we need about 3000US$ per month.

  • To create job we are planning to set up drinking water filter system that can make 1500 Gallons of water per day. This will cost about 7500 US$ and provide job for 10 young men. We will have 500 US$ monthly income after we set up this.

We would very much want your Aquaponic plant project to have income and jobs.

Please help us to succeed in our plan and help us to grow into a better future.


No.301, Aungbawgar(1) Street. Yesuh Ward. Hmawbi Township. Yangon.Myanmar

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