Stage 1 – Custom build

This stage is a custom build using an existing 10m W x 24m long Hydroponics grow house that had failed. We are stripping of the old system out of this grow house and will be install 5 x 23m long media grow beds.

Then at one end of the grow house we are install the 13m long x 15m wide Fish house which is under capacity (please see my blog)

This system was built for  a Research & Development system  where we will test different varieties of Vegetables and fish species to find whether these Vegetables and fish species will grow in the Cambodia Climate, grow to maximum size and to the predicted timelines.

This is all done before we build the Commercial units is ensure we get the best out of the Commercial Aquaponics Farm’s capacity to grow the right product.

Stage 1 only

We are starting off by growing three species of open lettuces and Tilapia Fish which a generally safe starting produce.

The production capacity for this system will be;

Approximate 15,500 Kg of fish and 6100 kg of Lettuce per 12 months of production

The estimated revenue of this production could be in the region of $43,000 USD per 12 month


We are giving you a unique view to the “Donkor Project” construction, production and revenue flow chart.

Just click (HERE) and a excel file will download for you to browses over.