The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to provide a framework on which Together We Can Grow and our associated partners have a set of guiding principles that we will conduct ourselves by. These principals will set the foundation on which all project and operations will commit to and honour.

The Guiding Principals

  • Honestly, Integrity, Respect and Transparency when involved with any project and partners.
  • Being committed to the purpose, objectives and values of the organisations that we have partnered with.
  • Will not conduct any operations that we are endangering the life, safety, health or well-being of others.
  • Understand the reality of the lives of people with sensitivity and respect for their dignity at all times.
  • Belief in the equality of all people, value individual privacy, freedom of choice, and diversity in all its forms.
  • We will act at all times within the law of the land and comply the laws relating with any operations and projects that we get involved with. This will be done through the guidance of a local NGO or organisation that we have partnered with.
  • Our Co-Operatives will stimulate clear reports, about its operations, the way Income and expenses are managed and disbursed in an accurate and clear manner.
  • Ensure clear, effective and regular lines of communication between the people managing the project, The Owners Group and All Partners.
  • Truthfully represent any image or depicted situation both in its immediate and in its wider context so as to improve public understanding of the realities and complexities of development.
  • Abusive language towards a staff member, volunteers or another participant will not be tolerated
  • Disclose all actual or potential conflicts of interest and avoid any appearance of ethical, personal or professional misconduct.
  • The standard of our products and operational services will be at the highest standard possible.